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Mystery thriller series created by Felicia Brooker (6x1hr) in co-production with Bavaria Fiction GmbH, Germany

After her daughter’s plane vanishes near Whitehorse, Yukon, a German mother rushes to Canada, only to face constant obstructions and powerful, faceless adversaries as she searches for her daughter, whose disappearance is shrouded in lies and a web of conspiracy that could potentially upend medicine as we know it.

A Divine Voice

Dramedy series created by Hadar Arzi Serano and Felicia Brooker (10x30mins) in co-production with Artza Productions, Israel

A newlywed orthodox Moroccan Jewish woman freshly arrived to Montreal from Jerusalem, decides to follow her family’s tradition and become a cantor, but because of her gender must keep it a secret, especially from the person she longs most to impress: her father.

The Jezebel Files

Urban Fantasy series by Felicia Brooker based on Deborah Wilde’s novels (8x1hr)

In a world where magic is a politically fraught reality, a snarky, hardheaded private detective goes on the hunt for a missing teenager, only to find herself enmeshed in a dark, occult conspiracy that somehow centres on her.

If We Were Villains

Crime mystery series based on ML Rio's acclaimed novel (8x1hr) with Blink49 Studios 

The line between fiction and reality blurs when a tight-knit group of students at an elite acting conservatory conspire to cover up the brutal murder of one of their own. Doomed to play out a real-life Shakespearian tragedy of their own creation, they must face the consequences of adhering to an insidious pact that may destroy them all.


Queer BIPOC romantic drama series by Ernest White II and Jhanik Bullard (8x30mins) in co-production with Presidio Pictures

Two discontented young men lock eyes in passing at a coffee shop. With life pulling them in different directions, that moment of magic sets their new lives in motion and they must learn to follow their hearts.


Born to be Wild

Action-adventure series created by Marie Clements and Rachel Webb (8x1hr) in co-production with Rezolution Pictures, QC and Constantin Film, Germany

In this modern retelling of the wild west on the edge, Charley, a German engineer, and Winn, an Indigenous activist, are brought together to fight for justice against greed and corruption in a world facing environmental collapse, racial injustices, and social reckoning.


Coming-of-age feature drama written and directed by Sibel Guvenc in co-production with Kybele Films (Ontario), Tradewind Pictures (Germany). and with the participation 

of Telefilm Canada

Loya, a young Turkish storyteller balling cancer, fights for her life and her land that is destroyed by a Canadian gold mining company operated by her birth father.

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