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A Good War - Mobilising Canada for the Climate Emergency 
Documentary series based on Seth Klein’s book (4x1hr)

Seth Klein's bestselling book offers a uniquely hopeful take on the climate change challenge facing our society; writer Ruth Nanda and director Michael Bourquin are attached for the screen adaptation; in development with the participation of Creative BC and the Rogers Group of Funds.

The Gay History of Food

Documentary Series by Tami Gabay and Gabe Zichermann in co-production with Fat End Productions and developed with the participation of Creative BC and The Rogers Group of Funds

The Gay History of Food is an irreverent half-hour docuseries that explores the intersection of food and LGBTQ2S+ culture. It answers questions you aways wanted to ask but never dared: Who makes gay food? What makes food gay?

The Salmon's Call

Documentary feature by Joy Haskell in co-production with her Firediva Productions

A feature documentary from the eyes of Indigenous culture about the importance of salmon in relation to the people, water, land and wildlife. It's a perspective you haven't seen before from the West Coast through the Chilcotin to Northern British Columbia.

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