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The craic is 90!

"Craic House", our new project, was one of three series recently awarded development funds from The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) to support the co-development of audiovisual content under the Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive for Audio-Visual Projects. Projects were evaluated and chosen by a selection committee composed of representatives from both funding organizations.

We’re extremely lucky to have two crazy talented writers on board with us:

Brona C. Titley ("The Reluctant Landlord") and Leah Gauthier ("Jann")!

Our co-producers from Ireland, Liz Gill and World 2000 Entertainment are committed to making fresh original and distinctive drama aimed at reaching a global audience.

"At the heart of every show is great writing and we are dedicated to build on existing relationships, as well as embracing new talent at home and abroad to produce a diverse range of shows".

Among their titles are productions like Vikings, The Tudors, Reign, King Arthur.


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