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Magnitude opens at Vancity Theatre

Award-winning The Magnitude Of All Things by Jennifer Abbott starts its pandemic-delayed theatrical rollout at Vancouver's Vancity Theatre on October 29, 2020. The filmmaker will be present for a live Q&A on Saturday, October 30, at 7:20pm.

Doc Weekly named it "One of the Top 10 documentaries coming out in 2021" and it won Best Canadian Feature Film at Planet in Focus in 2020 and the Audience Choice Award at California's DocLand in 2021. Under the headline FEELING CLIMATE GRIEF? THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS IS THE FILM FOR YOU, most recently The Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith called our film "a riveting exploration of grief, both personal and planetary... In this deeply emotional film, Abbott brilliantly weaves together her personal experience with grief, which came as a result of her sister’s cancer diagnosis, with the sense of loss that people in different parts of the world are feeling as a rest of the climate breakdown. The editing is magnificent, making the transition from the personal to the planetary so utterly natural." Tickets can be purchased here.


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