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CBC air date for "The Search"

Save the date!

"The Search - Manufacturing Belief"

airs on Sunday, December 15, at 9 pm ET/PT

on CBC documentary Channel

At a time when society is confronting extreme political and religious divisiveness, "The Search" examines the causes and effects of persuasion, deception and authority over our most cherished, sacred beliefs.

To build a penetrating, provocative and personal inquiry into the question of awe, objective truth and trust in the 21st Century, Patrick Payne interviews thought leaders from across the spectrum: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Anil Seth, Bart Ehrman, Onora O’Neil and others.

"The Search" is a feature length documentary

directed by Patrick Payne,

produced by Patric Pane, Henrik Meyer and Andrew Williamson (Cedar Island Films).

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